Chasing SUNSETS and BRIGHT lights – Saigon

Hi, I’m Deya and for me, the Sun is the prettiest when it is setting.


To witness this painting like view, I should find a great location and perfect weather.  I live in a tropical country and a perfect weather might be different from your definition.

This photo is at a rooftop bar at around 5:30pm in a 32 degrees temperature.

In Saigon, Bars and some Cafes are often at the rooftop to sell the view.

Why SUNSETS? This is the time when it gets dramatic. The time when people start to feel that their day is finally over and it is time to slowdown.  Witnessing the sun set is like a reminder that everything has its end and that endings are beautiful.

I will be sharing some of my photos around different location of Saigon or near Saigon.  where I took a shots of this majestic Sunset. It kind of became my habit to take a snap when I see one.

Location: Bien Hoa ( an hour by Bus from Saigon)

Behind Story: My sister and her family decided to live for a year in Vietnam and they chose this place. After work or when I have time, I spend my days here to spend time with my lovable niece. Fortunately, their apartment building is a walk away from this Sunset view. I’d sit on the bench  around 5:30pm facing this golden river with the sun’s orange rays spread all over the water.

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If you ever want to feel that oriental modernity, then Saigon will be just right up your alley. After Sunset, everything goes bright and the colorful lampshades take over. I always feel warmth with Vietnamese or any ASIAN  decors.

Saigon’s Cafe Vibe and My Top 5

Hi, I am Deya, a coffee addict and a coffee shop hunter. Welcome to my blog.

Zipping Coffee with the right kind of ambiance makes a perfect cozy break in a buzzing city such as Saigon. 

But where do you really look for that kind of feel? Let me take you to my 5 most favorite coffee shops in Saigon, oh by the way, you may call me a local/expat living in Saigon for 9 years now. Will that sound like a reliable source to you? I look for 3 things when I am choosing my pick. Number one,  the homey quaint vibe , Number two, the taste and quality of my favorite latte . Number three, Pinterest worthy pictures in every angle.

I love the smell of coffee, it has this magical aroma and mood lifter energy in it. I have also taken into consideration people who loves tea and fruit milkshakes and other lovely cool drinks. Alright enough of that.  In no particular oder;

“Fly Cupcake Garden”

A bird sanctuary-like cafe and a cupcake haven(no birds). An Instagram worthy location for all your dreamy photos. Whenever I have friends visiting me from my country, I take them here and it never fail to be a perfect place for catching up and picture taking. I especially like their fruit juices and fruit shakes.


Now, here comes  the “Home blend Coffee” of  Vietnam. No doubt, Vietnam has got to be “IN” when it comes to coffee. If you are visiting, you have to try their local coffee. Truong Nguyen Coffee shop can help you with that. Authentic Vietnamese café style, this you have to try and do it yourself. They offer the Vietnamese-style Phin filter for those wishing to re-create an authentic café experience. I have seen how this chain has evolved in their concept and I have finally come to love their interior decoration with consideration to children, non smokers and smokers. I love the sound of water and one branch I visited had a water flowing like a waterfall in a glass. just One thing I do not like is that it will be a bit packed with nosy locals depending
on the location.

 “Ca Phe Co Ba Dong Khoi”

A hidden gem meant to be discovered and I have fallen for its charm. It came as a surprise to me as I always pass along this street but never had I known that this jewel is just beautifully placed in a slightly old building and in the midst of a modern city center. You notice I seem to fall for the location and atmosphere and the surprise you get as you go up the aged stairs to see what is up there. I did not go for coffee, I was for the vibe. I was craving for french fries and I got the best I have ever tried so far. You should try for yourself.  Not to forget, climb up the rooftop to see the surprise.



As far as i know, This is a Vietnamese owned coffee chain. How did I discover this gorgeous cafe? Well, I was attracted by the exterior, then I went inside and loved the surroundings, then i sat for a coffee and wella!!! I became a fan right on that moment. I started  going there alone, sat at a side facing the street and the lush green plants outside the window. 


 I call this ” A Christmas Feel Day Everyday cafe”. This is a coffeehouse  chain based in South Korea and owned by the Lotte group . Why the name? It’s supposed to imply that coffee is a G0D’s gift delivered by angels. Angels angels angels, I love the sound of it and I love coffee, good blend right? Now the ambiance, I certainly am in love with the vibe it gave me the first time. I felt a sense of cozy feel and welcoming atmosphere . Seats are comfortable, spacious and friendly staff(well in that location). A wide variety of desserts to choose from,, I personally like the ice-cream waffle. Oh by the way, if you are a Korean drama fan, you might want to visit it because it is featured in a lot of dramas. 
These are the coffee shops I often visit to unwind and stay as caffeinated as possible. Drinks mostly cost around 50.000 to 100.000 depending on the size. For the location, you may search it in google and it should be around District 1 to District 3. For Angels in us, It should be in District 7 or anywhere where Lotte Mart is. 
I tell you, Saigon is packed with cafes! Cafe owners are in it for something new to offer. I guess competition is in my favor as I get to experience diversity in cafes. 
note: open for corrections, not promoting anything and CCTO to some photos.